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JK-VS-723A  Visiable Spectrophotometer


Application scope:

The instrument is widely used in medical and health, clinical examination, biochemical, petroleum chemical, environmental protection and quality control departments, etc.


Main characteristics:

Adopting microcomputer technology, automatic adjustment“0”“100” can directly eliminate cuvette’s matching error.

High precision,good reproducibility and stability

It has functions of concentration direct reading, linear regression, timing printing, GOTOλ and spectral scanning,another specific functions followed by the needs of our customers.

Equipped many optional attachments,such as different general cuvettes and semimicro cuvettes, micro automatic operational temperature bath etc.

Can output to printer or PC standard (RS232)

Stand for the different needs from our customers, choose different wavelength interval to sample 0.2nm、0.5nm/1.2nm


Technology parameter:

1, wavelength range: 330-900nm

2, wavelength instruction: four digit LED display

3, wavelength readability: ±0.1nm

4, wavelength accuracy: ≤±1nm

5, wavelength repeatability: 0.5nm

6, monochromator: grating 1200 rope/mm

7, spectral bandwidth: 2nm

8, stray light: ≤ 3%t(at 360nm,with NaNO2)

9, transmittance range: 0.-100.0%(t)

10,transmittance accuracy: ±0.5%(t)

11,transmittance repeatability: ≤0.2%(t)

12,absorbance display: -0.172-2(A)

13,the way of printer’s output: thermal printer

14,stability: noise: ≤0.5%(t)/3min

             Dark current drift: ≤0.2%(t)/3min

             Light current drift: ≤0.5%(t)/3min

15,dimension: 456mm×375mm×220mm(W×D×H)

16,power supply voltage: AC220V±22V;frequency 50Hz±1Hz(supply voltage for foreign trade can be customized according to customer’s needs)

17,weight: 19kg

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